MOBA Games

What We Liked..

Immersive sci-fi atmosphere

RTS elements

A lot of complexity for hardcore gamers

.. and what we didn't

Difficult for beginners

Small community (but it's still a closed beta)

3.1 out of 5
Editorial vote: 6.2

Watch the trailer:

Genre: action, MOBA

Setting: sci-fi

Graphics: full 3D

PvP: guild or factions matches or duels PvP

When reviewing a MOBA in 2015, the n. #1 question to address is: do we really need another one? Is there anything original enough to make it worth playing? The short answer, in Supernova's case, is yes.
Apart from the original-but-not-so-much sci-fi \ space setting (which at least is not the same ol' fantasy one), Supernova brings an appreciated dose of strategy and complexity thanks to its RTS elements: minions don't spawn at predefined intervals to follow the same, computer-defined path, but are controlled directly by players.
You'll have a tech tree to research, and resources to spend to buy the most appropriate units for your objectives, just like in a RTS game.
This really adds a lot of gameplay opportunities, and we're sure that hardcore players looking for a deep, complex game will find in Supernova a great fit.

➔ Main points:

  • Join the battle between aliens and humans: the universe itself is the battle arena, and only the best commanders will save their species from interstellar annihilation.
  • Wide variety of commanders to control, from giant robots to cyborgs to interstellar races adapted to the unyielding harshness of space.
  • Control your minions directly: research new units and spend your resources to produce them just like in a RTS game.
  • Classic MOBA roots: 5 vs 5 PvP battles on 3-lanes maps.
  • Fast-paced action, long games.

What We Liked..

The DC universe

A familiy economic model

Interesting maps

.. and what we didn't

Unoriginal gameplay

Buggy client

2.5 out of 5
Editorial vote: 5.0

Genre: strategy, action, MOBA

Setting: fantasy

Graphics: full 3D

PvP: all vs all guild or factions matches or duels PvP

Released in 2014, Infinite Crisis is a new MOBA based on the DC Universe. The game represents a plot moment in the DC storyline that dealt with parallel universes, allowing developers Turbine a lot of creative reach, and giving the game its title.

Virtually every recognizable superhero makes an appearance here including plenty of variations, some of which are pretty… original. While the game has a couple of flaws, as a new title they will likely be fixed as updates are released. The same probably can’t be said for the rather unpolished graphics, which are weak and bland.

Despite this, Infinite Crisis is a decent game. It’s still early days yet, and improvements are likely to come thick and fast. It may not be set to conquer the MOBA universe, but it certainly qualifies for the competition.