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Browser Based Space MMO - A free to play arcade space RPG with unique ideas and solid execution. Choose a side and prepare to dominate the galaxy!

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Game overview

Dark Orbit is a free to play browser based MMO with a heavy focus on ship battles, resource collection, and clan interaction.

Developed by Bigpoint, Dark Orbit (now dubbed Dark Orbit Reloaded), aims to replicate the likes of Eve Online, within the confines of and top down isometric browser game.

Bigpoint creates a wholly enjoyable experience with very few hang ups.
Select between one of three different companies to earn glory and fortune for both the player and the employer by completing quests, collecting resources and killing space baddies.

This gameplay loop, along with some solid sound design and interesting ships to create and customize makes for a very enjoyable browser game. However the repetitive quests, over reliance on grinding, and difficulty may grate on some players’ nerves.

Graphically speaking the game is top notch: we’ve rarely seen browser games as visually impressive.
The sound design is good, however some audio sounds compressed and low quality.
If you’re a fan of browser games or have a rig that doesn’t allow for more intensive titles, Dark Orbit may be an excellent choice for you.

➔ Main points:

  • Quality action-based browser-game, that differentiates itself from the mass of strategic titles.
  • Fun gameplay loop and top-notch graphics after the latest 2016 major update.
  • Interesting choice between companies.
  • Few downsides, with repetitive quests being the most problematic.


Full review

Get Hired

As soon as you register for an account and begin the game you will be asked to choose a company. Your choices are Venus Resources Unlimited (VRU), Earth Industries Corporation (EIC), and Mars Mining Operations (MMO). Players’ choice of company will affect what quests they get, which maps they play on, and what players they meet. Each faction’s station and general look will be different.

Your choice of bosses

Companies are an interesting idea. When you first select from the three, each will give you a slug line, or sort of mission statement. It feels as if they are recruiting you for a job, and pitting you against rival organizations. Which is where the game’s PvP comes from.

Aside from this companies, determine what aliens and events you encounter. As well as what sort of NPCs you meet. The system provides some well needed variety and allows for some Horde vs Alliance like patriotism. Players looking for a browser MMO with faction vs. faction aspects may find a home in Dark Orbit.

Fight it Out

The crux of Dark Orbit is the combat. Players will control a space ship and utilize an arsenal of futuristic weaponry. The game plays like any other point and click, tab targeting MMO. To blow up enemies all you have to do is click on them, then use your various weapons, which are attached to a hot bar.

Combat in action.

Combat can take place between either opposing players, or a player and NPC.
NPC combat can happen at any time however, the majority of non-player killing will take place while completing one of the game’s innumerable quests. Which is one qualm I have.
The quests are boring and repetitive.
Most come down to killing a certain number of enemy ships and/or collecting a certain amount of floating objects. It really makes the game feel grind-y and if that’s not something the player is interested in then it really stifles the initial experience.

During PvP players will find themselves thrust into the center of massive battles.
They will take on one another using their personal starships, all weapons, armor and drones will carry over. These battles are intense and frustrating. Many times better players with better ships will absolutely steam roll their opponents. This can be annoying but for users seeking a challenge, they will find one in the PvP of Dark Orbit Reloaded.

For users seeking a challenge, they will find one in the PvP of Dark Orbit Reloaded.

Make it Yours

One of the most fun things in Dark Orbit is purchasing a new ship and outfitting it to perfection. Ships are purchased through either currency earned in game or premium currency. This means those looking to get ahead and buy a better ship by using real money may do so.

An example of the game's equipment options

After purchasing, you can modify your ship with a vast selection of parts, weapons, drones, and P.E.T.S. Basic equipment will fall into one of four categories, Lasers, Rockets, Generators, and Extras. Drones are tiny machines that orbit your ship and provide supportive fire, a la bullet hell shooters.

P.E.T.s are little companions you can take with you on your journey. Each can be given its own gear and customized as the player sees fit. This combined with the options mentioned above make for excellent variety in ship customization.

Long Story Short

This game is one that blurs the line between browser and downloadable titles. If it weren’t the occasional slowdown and choppy sound effects, one might mistake it for a full-fledged downloadable experience.

It is visually impressive. The menus are well designed, however navigating the hangar screens before launching the game is a bit cumbersome. The combat is generic, however still entertains. The PvP is frustrating and only for the most hardcore of fans. It’s a great little game that has a few areas to improve on.

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Graphics: full 3D
PvP: guild or factions all vs all
Cash shop influence: high
Exp rate: medium

Dark Orbit is a fresh feeling game, made even better by its AAA-like production quality.

What We Liked..

Great graphics

Interesting Company System

Addictive gameplay

.. and what we didn't

Repetitive missions

The cash shop unbalances the game

Audio hiccups

Fun factor
3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
Worth A Try

Review summary

  1. Get Hired
  2. Fight it Out
  3. Make it Yours
  4. Long Story Short

What we liked..

Great graphics
Interesting Company System
Addictive gameplay

.. and what we didn't

Repetitive missions
The cash shop unbalances the game
Audio hiccups
Graphics - 70 / 100
Fun factor - 70 / 100
Longevity - 80 / 100
Originality - 80 / 100
Community - 70 / 100

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