Farming Browser Game - A farming game which is simple to play and yet full of tools and possibilities to grow our crops and breed our animals.

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Game overview

Farmerama, as the name suggests, is a farming game which will take you through the simple, yet fun challenges of the typical farm life.
In the game, the player has to use various tools and techniques to speed up crop production and animal breeding while keeping the quest requirements in check.

Even though the gameplay is a little repetitive and the players find themselves doing similar tasks over and over again, the colorful graphics and easily understandable nature of the game make it a must play for any farming games lover.

➔ Main points:

  • A farming browser game which is as simple as fun.
  • Grow a number of crops and manage them.
  • Utilize your crops in a number of ways and unlock new ones to progress.
  • Animal lovers won't be disappointed: donkeys, gooses, horses, cows.... they're all here!

Full review

For most people, farming games may not be their favorite, but for those who enjoy growing crops and managing them, Farmerama comes in as an exciting choice.
In the game, you have to manage a piece of land and grow various types of crops on it, breed farm poultry and use mill to feed your animals.
In the initial levels, there are only a handful of crops that you can grow, but as you progress in the game and reach higher levels, more and more types of crops get unlocked paving the way for even bigger rewards.

The game, quite obviously, starts with you having to buy a certain area of land and decide on the crops you want to grow.
Similarly, you have to take care of your animals as well that will assist you in growing crops and bring out some sellable products as well, like milk.
Players gain experience points and coins by managing crops and delivering them to their in-game clients and as a consequence, advance levels.

A peek into the colorful atmosphere of the game

The game, quite obviously, starts with you having to buy a certain area of land and decide on the crops you want to grow.

Growing crops is fun…

Just like any other farm simulator, the gameplay of Farmerama is quite simple and the tasks which the player has to complete are rather repetitive in nature.

However, growing crops and breeding animals in the game follow completely different procedures.

To grow a crop, the player has to select from a total of four initially available crops and wait for it to get ready. The player however, can water the crops and add fertilizers to shorten their growth period.
Managing animals is even more upfront than cropping as it only requires for you to put the animals in a pen, feed them and just wait for them to breed.

The four initially available crops in Farmerama are hay, carrots, lettuces and wheat.
Because of their lack of rarity, these crops take lesser time to grow as compared to the crops which become available as you level up. As you progress in the game, you get access to fertilizers and crop dusting, which can be used once on a single crop.
The only effect of using crop dusting and fertilizers is the dramatic drop in time required for the crops they are used on to completely grow.

Interdependence of crops and animals

A blooming farm in Farmerama

Once the crops are fully grown, you simply have to harvest it and store it for either using it yourself, or selling it.
Similarly, once the animals are done breeding, you have to collect them and just clean their excrement. In Farmerama, the animals and crops are kind of interdependent because the animal waste is used by you for making fertilizers for your crops and in a similar way, the crops grown by you serve as a feed for your animals.

Some animals require only a single type of crop as their food while for others you have to combine a few different crops.
Unlike the super fertilizers and crop dusting facilities which are premium crop boosters and relatively hard to come by (only after completing quests or purchasable with premium currency), the animal manure serves as a primary fertilizer and goes a long way in the growth of your crops.

But there is repetition…

Farmerama is a very simple game and the basic concept about the game is very easy to grasp. However, at times, the game seems overly repetitive, as you are doing the same things over and over again.
There is nothing much creative about the game and you find yourself growing crops, waiting for them to mature, breeding animals, using fertilizers, harvesting them and finally utilizing them in a cyclic manner.
For this reason, players tend to get bored quite easily while playing Farmerama and a lack of imagination really hurts its reputation.

But even though it is quite repetitive, Farmerama is not exactly an utter waste of time and is definitely a must try if you are into farming games even a little bit.

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Graphics: full 3D
PvP: no fighting
Cash shop influence: no cash shop
Exp rate: slow

What We Liked..

Simple to play

Colorful interface

.. and what we didn't

Repetitive objectives

lack of imagination

Fun factor
3.0 out of 5
3.0 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
Needs Work

Review summary

  1. Growing crops is fun…
  2. Interdependence of crops and animals
  3. But there is repetition…

What we liked..

Simple to play
Colorful interface

.. and what we didn't

Repetitive objectives
lack of imagination
Graphics - 70 / 100
Fun factor - 60 / 100
Longevity - 80 / 100
Originality - 80 / 100
Community - 60 / 100

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